The system provides medium and large gambling operators with Statistics and Control over the operation of equipment, Control over finances, as well as Marketing tools through online access to the server of the ACE system.

Interface card

Compact, productive, reliable and state-of-the-art microcontroller Texas Instruments LuminaryMicro 32-bit

Universal connectors RJ-45 for all the peripheral devices

Power from the machine or separately

Trailer doors monitoring (directly)

Trailer doors monitoring

Contactless RFID card reader


Card reader pocket

The card reader pocket for players is made of high quality acrylic plastic.

Due to its light transmittance, it gives a great iridescent effect of RGB-diodes of the reader.

Branding of the gambling establishment can be performed on the visible part of the pocket

Карман считывателя карт

Card Reader

Compact, Efficient, Reliable and modern Texas Instruments LuminaryMicro 32-bit microcontroller

Universal connectors RJ-45 for all peripheral devices

Считыватель карт

Example of connecting ACE to the casino

Hall network

Standard cabling system for Ethernet with TCP/IP communication with all components, including the interface card

You need no special skills for configuration

The Linux operating system on workstations

Standard diagnostic procedures

Low-cost administration