Jackpot - is a prize in a casino or slot machine hall, which is usually deducted a percentage of all bets. This rate is the percentage of the general fund of the jackpot, which is reflected in the visualization system, and under certain circumstances revealed that the player is paid the prize money.

The prize fund is paid in the form of loans is credited to the machine, or cash on hand gaming establishments.


System JackPot ACE - is a professional solution, which has been recognized in many countries around the world.

Main objectives of:

  • Easy and flexible configuration and management.
  • Virtually unlimited number of independent jackpots in one room. Flexible settings
  • percent deductions from rates to fund the jackpot.
  • Setting hidden fund.
  • Unlimited number of points of refraction jackpot.
  • Installation and visual range of amounts for lottery jackpots.
  • set the initial value fund.
  • Set the number of slot machines.
  • setting delayed start, the number of repeated gaming, time-table for the time of day, day of week, or with a specified day intervals.
  • setting restrictions on the size, bet to win.
  • setting active time players.
  • Demo mode jackpot.
  • Virtually unlimited imaging systems.
  • setting jackpots from the Internet through a secure communication channel.
  • reports and logs.

Slot machines and electronic roulette protocol must support SAS 4.0 and above.

System requirements for Jackpot