Ticket in Ticket Out (TITO)

The technology has proved very popular in the United States where players and casinos have embraced it because of the flexibility that it offers to players who can move easily from one machine to another. Tickets can be acquired at redemption terminals, obtained from cashiers or simply produced by machines after currency is inserted to commence a gaming session.

The machines utilize a barcode scanner built into the bill acceptor, a thermal ticket printer in place of a coin hopper (some rare machines are set up to pay with coins if the payout is less than the payout limit, and to print a ticket in situations where a handpay would normally be required) and a network interface to communicate with a central ACE TITO system that tracks tickets.

How does work?

Players insert cash into the gaming machine and begin to play. When the player is ready for a break or want to finish, they press button (Hand Pay, Collect or Pay Out ) and a ticket is printed out a barcoded slip of paper with the collected credit amount, which can then either be redeemed for cash redeemed for cash at a cash, redemption machine or cashier station, or inserted for play into other TITO machines.

TITO provides.

  • Increased game floor performance - decreases number of hand pays resulting in longer periods of gaming machine operation
  • Increased customer service levels - reduced time at cashier stations and easy transition from one gaming machine to another or to break-out areas.
  • Increased security - cash clearances from gaming machine are no longer required or minimal
  • Reduction in cash handling errors
  • Increased efficiency - manual processes such as hand pays are automated freeing up floor staff
  • Useful information reports.
  • Immediately establish a business relationship with your new clients